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Q8Speed.com - memories
Posted by Irfan on Mar 30, 2013
Back in the days we used to have a website about car lovers & enthusiasts called q8speed.com (our inspiration), I was checking through my archive folders and found a folder of q8speed's old gathering pics which I am going to share here. Remembering the old time, those AUK parking lot gatherings, Thursday night HARD ROCK meets, crazy spotters etc... I miss that time and I really want to gather all friends who were the part of q8speed, don't really know the owner but know most of the old members of it. If you were a member of q8speed and want to have a get together sometime soon please do reply :)Thanks!

Snap Shot - 19 Feb, 2007.Untitled.jpg

Gathering at AUK Parking lot - April, 2006


Gathering Some time back in 2009..

And then one day suddenly..... :(



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